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March 30, 2012

After "Artist of the month", here's another new rubric I'll post maybe even more often than once a month... For my first interview with inspiring person/interesting blogger, I choose Julia :)

She's 22, living in Germany and leading the delicious blog Nougat & Marzipan. I talked with Julia about her inspiration, future and fashion...

1. What inspires you?
- Blogs, pictures, magazines, girls on the street,...

2. I see you like cooking, photography, fashion... What's your dream job in the future? Is it connected with some of your passions?
- Well, I am studying education to become a teacher, so that isn't really connected to my hobbies.

3. Is blogging a hobby for you? Why did you started doing it?
- Yes, it's definitly a great hobby, that had become quite important for me. It gives me the opportunity to share my pictures and ideas and to communicate with nice guys with the same passions.

4. Why nougat and marzipan? (the name)
- Uhm, it was a quite spontaneous decision to name the blog like that, it isn't directly connected to something - I just like to eat the combination of "nougat & marzipan" ;)

5. What do you never leave the house without?
- Propably my purse and my blackberry.

6. Favorite recipe?
- That's really difficult! I like my lasagna pretty much, but there are so many delicious things...

7. Second hand clothes or designer ones?
- Both can be good! For me it's most important, that I like the piece and it fits well, so the price isn't important.

8. How would you describe your style?
- Hm... fanciful & casual?

9. What do you need to be happy?
- Some good friends or my family!

More interviews coming soon!

En route to Tsarev brod... (The bus adventure)

March 27, 2012

What a drama!
Last week was a madness and my Friday went all wrong, bringing me to a total mental break down. Most of my friends decided to devote themselves to village tourism for the weekend, and since I wanted to do it long ago, I decided to follow their example. I needed to get away from town and relax as fast as I could. This is how my little village trip started...
Funnily enough, (I had to go by a bus) this was my first long distance trip by a bus to somewhere! Not knowing when exactly it will arrive (there's no a bus schedule for places out of town), I went on the bus stop an hour earlier and had to wait there upright and look at every single bus to see if it's mine. After almost an hour *fail* it finally came and I managed to take it! I'm great when it comes to buses, because I've traveled with them like... 3 times in my whole life, always to places in my town, plus I don't weight much and I'm a tiny person, which means that every time I get on a bus and it starts moving I immediately begin wobbling around, pushing people and trying to keep myself from falling to the ground. So I got on it and bought tickets, tenacious at the closest lever and even managed to find a seat, which was on the inside side, by the window and there was a woman sitting next to it, so I had to go straight to the window, but instead I didn't even realized and took her seat, leaving the space next to me empty. She was like "Yeah, still can I take my seat back?" than I realized that I'm all alone on the both seats and moved away *epic fail, I know* haha
After 20 minutes of totter and almost mistaking the bus stop, I finally managed to get off of the diabolical machine and feel ground underneath my feet again! I headed to my house from the small center...
My countryside is called Tzarev Brod and it’s in North-east Bulgaria. It’s famous for a monastery with a church, inhabited by nuns of the Order of St. Benedict and a madhouse, which I often inhabit :D Apart from that, it’s just a small place with old houses and livestock, like every other village… I don’t know how villages look in your country, but in here they are preferred mainly by old people, who saw enough of life and now only want peace and silence. Villages are always tiny and kind of boring, with a small amount of mainly aged people, who go around their cows. One of the strangest thing about ours, is that when a person sees you, he always says “Hello” no matter if he meets you for the first time or not, which makes you feel strange but nice… :) At day time you can walk around the huge garden (if you have one), full of different flowers and play with yours or your neighbor’s animals… And at night, when you have a dinner outside it’s so quite, you can hear only your own thoughts and the birds above you.
So on the other side, this is often better than living in a noisy and big city. You can always come to your village, and count on your grandma to cook you beans or ride a bicycle with your grandpa while listening to him talking about history…
Sometimes you need this, even if you’re not old. To go to a place where you know almost no one, to watch the sunset in a wooden cradle, to read a good book, to run free in endless green fields… To ease your mind. And stop thinking about your problems, even stop thinking about anything for a minute, among silence and peaceful atmosphere.

(Some photos I've made from my last year's stay in Tsarev brod)

The blogger's DIY (bonus)

March 26, 2012

What do you need?
Simple solid, print, and white cotton fabric, scissors, card stock, plush stuffing, sewing machine/needle and thread and child safe snap on button eyes and noses. (You can find them in the doll section at your local craft store.)

How to make it?
1. Cut out the back and front of the fox. We made ours an estimate 1x2 ft. 2. Cut out and trace a circle from card stock on the back of your patterned fabric. This will be for the fox's belly! 3. Next, sew on a triangle shape for the snout with the white fabric. For the eyes and nose, make a tiny hole with scissors, poke the eyes and nose through and secure it with the back snap. 4. After you've sewn on the snout, sew on the belly! You'll always want to sew on the snout first, guaranteeing that the belly won't be too high or too low. 5. Once you've decorated the front, place both sides together with the outsides facing in and sew them together, leaving a small gap at the bottom. After you've sewn your fox together, flip him inside out and fill with stuffing! Last, hand stitch the opening.
All done!

(image & source: a beautiful mess)

Week(end) DIY by me

What do you need?
Sheet of glossy paper
Unused (old) badge
Double-sided tape
3D sticker
Felt pen (optional)

How to make it?
First of all you need to turn the badge and put it on the piece of glossy paper in order to outline it on the sheet with the pencil. Than you cut the paper circle with the size of the badge. Gently cut pieces (usually two are enough) of the double-sided tape, which you put on the badge’s face. Once you unstick the upper part of the tape you have to put the paper circle on top of the badge and press it until it sticks. Use a little scissor to cut the unneeded paper of the badge’s edges.
I choosed to use a darker felt pen of the same color for the edges and outline them so they could look like they’re burned or something, but this is optional. Now your badge should looks like this:
At the end, all you need it to put the 3D (or ordinary) sticker in the middle, on top of it.

Don’t forget to see where the needle behind it must go and stick it in the right direction so once you put it on, the sticker won’t be upside down!
I used a Sponge Bob sticker, but you can use any other. You can find all kinds of stickers in the closest bookstore, they’re not expensive at all! (You can also use something else and stick it with glue, but I recommend a sticker because it has shine and looks better)

Now your badge accessory is ready and it can adorns your blouse or bag :)

PS - I did it with my school badge. Oops!

Cinderella, come back by nine!

March 24, 2012

A modern fairytale

What an exhausting day way Tuesday... She got up so early, it felt like a medieval torture. Then went to school and had to deal with statistics, economics, law..., which was just like separating little beans from a chimney ash, sorounded by an evil stepmother, (known as the literature teacher) and thousands of her mean step children (or classmates), who harassed the little Cinderella every single day...
She was so happy when she heard the last bell ringing and the good librarian fairy showed up. After two hours of them both wondering what should the princess wear for tonight, they finally came up with an idea and only few swings with the magical stick were needed for Cinderella to show up in a white shirt, black skinny jeans, a beautiful short grey jacket and long amber jewelery... She wore the most beautiful black suede shoes with a thin platform, which unfortunaly were so uncomfortable, that she was walking more like The Little Mermaid without a tale, than like herself.
When she came in the room, everybody looked at her. Not so much because she was so pretty and fashionable, than because she was half an hour late. After few staircases and dark hallways, they all finally walked in the great hall...
'Look, there's a piano!' Cinderella noticed and after moving the heavy wooden desks in front of it by herself, she put a chair next to the old RONISCH piano and started playing Beethoven's 5th simphony of Fate. The whole room got quite and her freinds hurried to run away as far as they could, knowing the little princess's incompetent musical skills. Soon after they all got bored and managed to detach Cinderella of the instrument, they found other amusement and sat together infront of a big cinema screen, projecting a movie. They were watching it for hours, while the princess was jumping around, making jokes and vocalizing car, helicopter and closing door sounds... The guests had fun with her, acting like a retainer jester, until she got tired and layed on the closest desk.
Soon the night came and whole hall became dark and creepy. It got so empty that Cinderella and her friends decided they should play the lowest tones on the piano and laugh like evil withches all together, just to lighten the atmosphere... Cinderella was so happy that her friends were laughing, at that moment she felt such pure joy that she's would've played Charlie Sheen's "Winning" song on the piano if she could.
'Oh, the piano night starts in 10 minutes!' she tought. 'Let's go!' they all left the hall and ran trough the nasty city streets, heading to the place they were supposed to be. Cinderella felt her poor feet bleeding with each step she took. Those shoes were killing her and there was no prince or horse to carry her... She swallowed her tears and climed up the last stairs, leading to their table.
Few minutes passed and the pianist walked into the room with his keybord. Cinderella was happy once she heard him playing. It was all worth. She forgot about her bruised feet and got lost in the wonderful melodies he played... The princess knew the pianist. They were all there to support him. Aplause. Each song was so beautiful... Cinderella smiled widely while eating her Mexican salad.
The clock hit eight and a half. 'Oh, Gosh look what time it is!' said the librarian fairy while supping her last drops of coffee. 'You have to be home by nine!' Cinderella got all sad.
The piano night wasn't over yet, but she knew that if she wasn't on time, her parents would've punished her some evil way like by forbiding the computer. She was late already, she didn't wanted to leave the place, captured by the pianist's melodies, but she had to. So she waved him goodbye and disappeared down the staircase.
Cinderella ran and ran as fast as she could, limping around because of her high heels. Altought she wanted to throw her both shoes away and leave them behind, not really for a prince to find them, but because they were torturing her legs, she continued running with them, until she finally came home.
It was nine.
The princess threw the shoes away, bandaged her bleeding feet and smiled happily. What a great night it was!


*Any resemblance to actual persons and events is entirely deliberate*

Artist of the month : Cosmic love

March 20, 2012

Due to the fact that I don't blog at all lately, for which I am terribly GUILTY, my mind came up with one of the latest inspiring ideas to fill up my blog ~which nobody reads~ with! This is only one of the few ideas, I personally find pretty original and different for myself, so I hope you like it too... There'll be many new "rubrics" of this type such as interviews with inspiring people, photography and shooting stories, interesting facts, fashion connected posts etc.

So "Artist of the month" will include some of the work of famous or not so famous artists(plus a short bio if I'm able to find such), who I found on the internet and liked, so I'll be sharing one artist's work each month. That of course means I will point out the source and the painter's name, so I don't claim I own any of the artworks or whatsoever.

Today I "stumbled" upon some beautiful, hand-made drawings, which caught my eye with their vibrant colors, splashes and patterns and with the beautiful, feminine way the girls are depicted, like queens of nature...

This month's artist is CAMILA ROSARIO.
She was born in 1988 in Joinville. When eighteen she went to study fashion Florianopolis UDESC. Soon she dropped the course to devote herself to drawing only. She had designs published in magazines, such as Serafina, Rolling Stone and Zupi and won the first contest, sponsored by the magazine illustrator Marie Clarie and IED Barcelona. She currently lives in Sao Paulo.

The blogger's DIY

March 19, 2012

D.I.Y Ripped Jeans:

1. Put on the jeans & mark the places you want the holes to be with chalk.
2. Cut horizontal slits on the spots of the holes.
3. Start pulling on the white horizontal threads/Use a needle to loosen them up.
4. Removing some of the horizontal threads.
5. Pick and pull out all the blue vertical threads.
6. Done! The holes will look more natural after your jeans have a wash.
(image & sourse: love-aesthetics)

What's new, pussycat?

March 10, 2012

Finally got the chance to take few photos of the lovely kitty I see every day on my way to school... Pretty!

The poetry of the earth is never dead. ~John Keats

March 6, 2012

I'm sick. And it's logically horrible, for almost a week now... I'm not going to school, tho by lying in bed from dawn to sunset there's not much I could do (and that includes blogging). By staying at home whole day, inbetween sneezing, cough and headache, you can guess there's nothing interesting happening to me. But last week was great, so I'll blog about it and the one before it, and the one before... 'Till the weekend. And I don't care if it bores you haha
Otherwise, the good news I got today were that my all time favorite brand - H&M are opening a store in our capital city this Saturday! There'll be prizes for the first customers - 5 vouchers with 100 euros and 300 with 10 euros and of course tones of great clothes with low prices... Altough it's way too far from my town and I won't be able to go for the opening (which is the first H&M store opening in Bulgaria), by the end of spring there'll be few stores near my town, so I'm already saving! I totally marked one lovely pair of pants with floral motives!

Out of topic, I miss nature so much. Here're some inspiring nature photos... :)