Американски палачинки | American pancakes

April 27, 2012

Ok, I admit, I was a bit late with cooking something on my own, so I did it few days after the Spring break... Anyway, it was just as delicious! I don't want to brag (yeah, right), but those were my best pancakes so far. American pancakes are my specialty, (in fact, they're one of the few things I like about America, along with Lana Del Rey and black & white movies) but it's the first time they've tured out to be so fluffy, round, with golden crust and honey flavor... My secret is I actually make those based on two different recipes, mixed into one! And since a friend of mine asked me for the recipe, here it is:

Inspiring people 001 : Steven Frayne (Dynamo)

April 26, 2012

Three Sundays ago I didn't believed in miracles as much as I do now.
The reason? Seeing a person walking on water down a river on TV (and a spectacle to bring the whole family together for an hour on Sundays) was quite convincing. Nooo, I didn't saw God himself on Discovery Channel... I saw a man with a divine power and a heart of a human.
A person, who can put David Copperfield, Houdini and David Blaine all together in his pocket.
Further more I read his biography and the more information I got about him, the more he earned my admiration.
Struggling with a disease, father in prison, being bullied and living in one of England's most violent neighbourhoods, he managed to rise above all and become the most significant magician of 21st century.

First one of the 100 people, who inspire me is... Steven Frayne.

Artist of the month : Tha naked truth

April 17, 2012

Artist of month April is FERNANDO VICENTE.

Born in Madrid, Spain, he began his career in the 80's combining illustration to painting. He has collaborated with Paris newspapers and magazines as Gentleman, Free Lyrics, Cosmopolitan, DT etc. and with publishers such as Alfaguara, Espasa o Sintesis.
His work is currently disclosed in the gallery Sen (paintings) and Sins Entido room (illustrations). He won prizes such as gold Laus award for best newspaper design. (His work can be found on his official site.)

My Easter weekend

It's been the last day of Spring vacation and sadly enough we're all back to school/work today *agonizing in the corner* Anyway, I must say my vacation was nice, despite being short! I managed to complete almost everything from my Spring vacation To Do List, as funny as it sounds, I didn't had time for everything on the list... But it's never too late for me to do the missed ones, right? Right? Now I'll be making few posts, connected with things from the list that I've done, full of photos and stories and I hope they'll be interesting enough to catch your attention. But more on that - in my next posts! It was Easter in here on Saturday and after partying with friends on Friday, me & family went to our village together to spend it there. Sadly enough, it was severely raining and there was a hail for just two days, until we came back home on Monday and the sun decided to finally show *face palm* I haven't done much besides reading, watching House MD and rolling on the floor, but still I managed to take some nice Easter photos of the whole atmosphere around me. In few words : ladybirds; the EGG with my name on it; the other eggs we dyed; the Easter lunch aaand stages of making a traditional delicious Bulgarian Easter cake with sugar, nuts, lemon and filling, named cousnak. 

 You want some, right? Too bad it's only for me.

The blogger's DIY

April 15, 2012

DIY: Gold Glitter Clutch

(Gold Glitter Clutch DIY by iamstyle-ish.com)

Spring Vacation To Do List

April 11, 2012

Buy something new
Cook something delicious on my own

My Shoe Wishlist

April 9, 2012

Happy Easter to everybody who've been celebrating! In here we actually celebrate Easter later than the other half of the world, so I'll be painting eggs later on this week... It's not much of a spring in here considering the awful storm yesterday and the chilly weather today, but this won't stop me from some shoe shopping(because NOTHING can stop me from shopping actually). I know I haven't been blogging for a while, I'm actually in a spring vacation since this Saturday, but due to some camera problems I still haven't managed to post up my lovely spring photos with blossoming trees and green gardens... I'll do my best to blog a bit more this week! I've changed the blog's design a bit and I think it works with me... I'll be changing it more this week, I have some more ideas.
Since everybody are doing some clothes/shoes/accessories wishlist, I decided to follow so here are some of the babies I would loooove to have this spring! Actually they're Deichmann's models and aren't expencive at all, because they make quite affordable shoes, but since I'm in a little financial crisis, I'll have to wait a bit more for all of those and get a job this summer... Can't wait!

Going on some shoe shopping (for at least one pair) now, wish me luck :)

Running under the city lights

April 2, 2012

Since our Saturday library club assemblage went quite boring, like in preparing information for our little literary tour to historical destinations this month, going around travelling agencies and drinking bitter coffee (with chocolate and cream), we decided to compensate it all in a way by going together (we even have a new addition aaa) to a 2 hour's and a half long theatrical play, which was all worth. The story was actually based on Branislav Nušiću's comedy "Doctor" (and called the same way) and as weird as it may sound it's actually quite nice and different going to a teathre with your friends, but... What's not great what you're with your friends?!
By the way I was wearing my XiuXian clarks, Double U jeans aaand my all time favorite SUD Express military jacket!

And how was your weekend? 

Week(end) DIY

Here's this week's DIY project, by a wonderful vlogger that I actually found a week ago... It's quite unique and sassy, also easy, that's why I decided to share the great idea with you!
I'm planning on doing The French Tip Shoe on some of my pairs soon, even by adding some glitter :)