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May 22, 2012

What do you need?

Magazines and modpodge c/o The Plaid Barn
Scissors or exacto knife

How to make it?

First, rip out magazine pages you would like to have on the front of the suitcase. Apply a layer of mod podge to the suitcase and lay the page down. Then, apply a layer of mod podge on top of the magazine page. Repeat these steps until the entire suitcase is covered in pages. Lastly, take scissors or an exacto knife (an exacto knife will provide smoother lines) and trim along the edge, making the pages fit perfectly on the top of the suitcase.

Really great isn't it? One of my all time favorite DIY projects; I must try it as soon as possible!

(image & sourse: Sincerely, Kinsey)

DIY Instagram

May 21, 2012

I love to describe my weeks as "crazy" and “wild”, it means it was adventurous in my little world. And if I have to do it now, I’d say last week was crazy & wild even more than usual…

To start off, last Saturday I went to two meetings - one was with two best friends from my town, which was my second date with them, but couldn't catch up much with the girls, because I had to be on time for my other date - I had arranged a salsa party with the gang at our favorite cafe. (Actually we had a town holiday the day before and planned to go to a musical night at the same place, but our plans were gloriously ruined by a horrible storm…) Sadly, when I went there only two of the girls were waiting, coz nobody else was able to come and one of our boy friends texted me he won't make it. The cafe was half empty anyway and it turned out there won't be a salsa night at all... But we didn't let that ruin our mood, so we ordered a fruit cake, iced Nescafe and a cherry topped milk shake (my order to be exact) and decided to make it a Ladies night with lots of talking, cocktails and discussing things till dawn. 
On Monday my friend, who didn't made it to the date came and gave us three gorgeous peonies from his own garden as an excuse he wasn't able to come. The horrible all-day rainy weather on Wednesday and Friday didn’t managed to ruin our mood, simply cos we decided to make a new “anti-rainy days” tradition and ordered pizza from the closest (new) bakery, gathered up in the library and ate hot delicious Margarita two days in a row till sunset, not caring about the weather outside…Tuesday was the official prom day in our school, in which we watch the graduates say “goodbye” and leave high school in order to go to university. It wasn't quite fun discussing their ridiculous outfits and choke from all the colored smoke bombs around them, plus it was pretty chilly and windy, so we all just prayed for things to end up quicker and return to our messed up school schedule on that day, until we came up with the bright idea to run back in school and “steal” all the food and drinks graduates left. The plan quickly got around everybody aand with general agreement the "mission" started! lol We quickly walked back in and separated - two were watching for the graduates by the door, as me and one of the boys in our company started walking into the rooms, stealing as much as food and drinks we could and running like crazy! :D Then we switched… We were such a view – grabbing food and running around, sneaking and passing it to each other from windows and doors… We knew that they buy way too much food that's always left behind and in the end the cheeky school staff grabs all of it and eats it quietly, so we said to ourselves "Why should they take it all? Why not us?! This year it'll be different!" and by convincing ourselves that we're not the biggest food thieves, we all stole tones of sweets and candy, alcohol-free drinks, two bottles of champagne and half a bottle of whiskey. After all of the turmoil was over, the whole gang sneaked into the library locked the door and celebrated with lots of food and drinks like real graduates. After we got in class the school staff managed to clean all the rooms and all of the leftover food was gone (ofc the teachers ate half of it)… Now we like to call ourselves The Food "Ocean's thirteen"! :D And if youth is for doing crazy things - then we're living it to the fullest…

PS – And what better way to finish the week than with Kimbra’s lovely music and the BEST Rios Gigant  ice cream with chocolate and coconut?! :)

Story behind the photo : "Unthinkable"

May 16, 2012

Some people say it's a masterpiece. I call it the most simple photo I've ever made.
It's made on July 2010, I was at my village that day... Sitting on our brand new bench in the yard, which was facing the garden. I remember someone came and gave me a bouquet of little, dried field flowers in pretty purple color and I placed them on the bench. Then suddenly felt somehow inspired by such a small thing, set the black and white camera mode and captured the moment. It was the most simple thing. Now when I look at the photo, in my mind it always looks like it tells a story of a boy waiting for a girl, who never came, so he just leaves the flowers for her and never comes back. It somehow represents loneliness and melancholy, but I still like it... I don't really remember what mood I was in, but I decided to name it after one of my favorite love songs - Alicia Keys's "Unthinkable".

"I was wondering maybe
Could I make you my baby
If we do the unthinkable would it make us look crazy
If you ask me I'm ready 
If you ask me I'm ready..."

18 candles

May 15, 2012

Me & The birthday boy 
Not so long ago last month, a friend of mine came of age… So we brought half of the gang together and went to our favorite little pizza restaurant “Jeans club”. It was a great night of enjoying expensive red wine (2010 Merlot to be exact), delicious ice cream cheesecake with blackberry and 5 different types of pizza! (mine was called Bianca and I loved it, cuz it’s with cooking cream, lots of cheese, mushrooms, pickles and ham, so if you see a pizza with those ingredients but with a different name I defo recommend it! The others got some with eggs, pepper, tuna etc. I've tried all and I must say my advice is : even if you love fish, don't ever order a pizza with tuna, seriously!) I just decided to show you the lovely photos, capturing only half part of one of the greatest nights in our history, full of wine toasts, delicious food, "If I was in America"(a game we invented ourselves), spooky stories, drunk hearts, lots of laughter and great memories to tell about… Oh, and he got one year older! 

Bury me at the sea, I'll crush with the waves.

May 14, 2012

Who doesn't hate Mondays? The week is just beginning, but we're allowed to dream it ends, right? We're always allowed in our Monday dreams to grab the imaginary suitcase (filled with books, clothes and maps), take the old camera, a pair of sunglasses from some summer collection of the 70s (actually inherited from granny), take your loved one by the hand and jump in the dusty little convertible, which still hibernates in the garage... Departure. To infinity. Indefinitely. Not that we know where we are going, not that it matters at all. The road is filled with summer breezes and good music, food in roadside eateries and quarrels about the right way on the map. Because we don't know where we're going and each one of us insists. But this is the best about it. And it doesn't matter if we take trusted friends with us, or we meet them on the road. The important thing is that we'll travel with this immeasurable passion of the traveler, with the whole world, that is only waiting and wanting us to go around it, to see it... And with all the adventurous blood running in our veins. We will eat hamburgers in roadside stations, licking our fingers from all the sweets and cotton candy on our lips, will watch each other trough the holes of the donuts, will pick blackberries from the bushes on the deserted road, or eat pretentious fish specialties in some small wooden restaurant on the beach. We will read on the road, we'll buy books about endless trips and new meetings, about finding yourself, about rediscovering the world. Riding on Ferris wheels and fun-fairs until midnight, until we get sick, drunk, we'll win teddy bears from the stands as the last star burns out. Staying in a cheap motel, bathing in the endless sea, in the ocean, burying our fingers in the sand, we will dream about starfishes under the heat of the night fire, under the glimpses of the stars, under the cold blankets of the salty waves... And we'll make photos, lots of photos. Of everything and everyone we meet on the road, whose eyes will tell us a story, deeply buried in him, a memory, a secret ... We'll make meaningless imaginary shots, until the imaginary photo strip ends and we capture each imaginary memory.

I want summer. I know it sounds trivial, but I want summer.

The blogger's DIY

May 11, 2012

~ Leopard Print Short Shorts ~

What do you need?
X-Acto knife
Leopard print stencil, you can print one here
Fabric pen

How to make it?
1. Print and cut out leopard stencil with an X-Acto knife.
2. Place a piece of cardboard inside your shorts to prevent them from moving/keep them on a flat surface. Trace the outlines of the leopard print with your fabric pen.
3. Fill in each traced leopard spot.

(image & sourse: becauseimaddicted)

My weeky playlist!

May 10, 2012

Professor Green ft. Ruth Anne - Remedy 

Foster the people - Don't Stop (color the walls)

Nelly Furtado - Big Hoops (Bigger the better)

Movits! - Sammy Davis Jr.

Rita Ora - How We Do (Party)

 Purity Ring - Obedear

Foster The People - Houdini

Here are some lovely, catchy songs I've been listening to the whole (last) week! I was in a total DANCE / PARTY mood all the time, so it was no surprise I was dancing and jumping like crazy every morning while going to school and blowing my phone up with those tracks... I enjoyed some good old tracks like "Don't stop" by FTP or "Sammy Davis Jr." by Movits!, a Swedish pop band I found not so long ago, but there were also some quite lovely new tracks like "Obedear" by Purity Ring and Nelly Furtado's coming back hit - Big Hoops. Rita Ora's (my new fave Albanian singer) first single - "How We Do" and Pro Green's brand new video for the masterpiece "Remedy" (futuring Ruth Anne's vocals), really woke up my party mood, but I must admit the one song I immedeately fell for was FTP's latest track "Houdini" (the video is also great!). 

Take a hear... :)

4. Meet up with friends and spend some great time

May 9, 2012

That was something I did on time! Yeah, just because it involved lots of food, fun with friends and all those great stuff... During the second half of the vacation our "gang" got together at the librarian's house for a party. And not any party, but a PANCAKE one, with (of course) pancakes and fillings like jam, cheese, chocolate, banana, also had (nasty) Turkish coffee and pastries... We ate lots of food as you see, took a little trip to the past with some old photo albums, watched stupid Spanish series, had fun, did a bit of cosplay with all kinds of hats and clothes, made photos with the Al Bundy pose, talked about religion, tried fortune-telling on coffee (too bad I filled half of my cup with sugar and when I drank it, it was nothing else left but tones of wet sugar lol) danced with lots of bananas and other fruits and did all kinds of crazy stupid things that we usually do... Cuz we've got the moves like Jagger! (yeah, our librarian has a no-secret passion for The Rolling Stones, just look at her kitchen cabinet)

*Le sexy Jagger*

Productive weeks project; Episode 1

May 7, 2012

This is a new mini month project, that I decided to blog about! *feels excited* And due to lack of other, better name, I'll just call it "Productive weeks project". Mainly, I'll try doing one or more than one creative / good / funny / beneficial things each week to make me feel better somehow. 

What it'll be about? 
It'll be about me doing productive, new things I've never tried before. 

How long will it last?
A month. From the begining till the end of May.

First week to start with was last week (01.05 - 06.05)

Last Friday a friend of mine bursted into the school library and told me she was going to the gym for the first time. After a short conversation, I mentioned I also wanted to start going to the gym last year, but it was cancelled due to the fact that I had no friend to go with (cuz my friends are lazy like that) and it's too weird (even for me) to go all alone, so I dropped it. Funnily enough she told me she was in the same situation, but finally decided not to give care and signed to the closest fitness. Until I realized it, she was pulling me out, begging me to go to her first training together. We had just finished the school day and I was with my formal clothes, so at first I was like "Are you kidding me? What am I gonna do there with you, look at my clothes?!" but she insisted so much, that it didn't took long until I was out the door... I got back home to change, then met her and headed to the place. I was so damn excited, going to the gym for the first time, it was actually pretty funny. The gym turned out to be quite close to school. First thing we saw when we walked in was our trainer - middle aged woman with fake tan, long, dyed black hair, lots of make up, funny Lana Del Rey lips and thin waist, somking a cigarette infront of the building. (the gym is a part of a hotel) It was a quite skeptical view at first :D 
We walked in the small room, with little fitness equipment, two changing rooms and a bathroom plus toilet, bought cards and started training immedeately under our trainer's instructions.(she was quite tough on us) One by one, we trained on almost every single equipment at the room like fitness bike, cross trainer, disk, dumbbells, treadmill, combined appliances, fitness lever and so on. For two hours we managed to do (our first) whole body workout and burn about 800 calories! We left the gym in pain, but happy... I'm not much of a sport person, so it was a big deal for me and I quite enjoyed it. So that's how me and my friend decided to begin our "new" healthier life... And start going to the gym together twice a week from now on.

Not that I'm fat or overweight or whatever, but I think fitness is good for everyone, because it'll not only clamp your body, but it's also good to keep your tonus, burn your calories and train each group of muscles in your body, in order to look good and feel good... I can't wait to see the results on me. :)

Here's how our new gym looks like!