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May 21, 2012

I love to describe my weeks as "crazy" and “wild”, it means it was adventurous in my little world. And if I have to do it now, I’d say last week was crazy & wild even more than usual…

To start off, last Saturday I went to two meetings - one was with two best friends from my town, which was my second date with them, but couldn't catch up much with the girls, because I had to be on time for my other date - I had arranged a salsa party with the gang at our favorite cafe. (Actually we had a town holiday the day before and planned to go to a musical night at the same place, but our plans were gloriously ruined by a horrible storm…) Sadly, when I went there only two of the girls were waiting, coz nobody else was able to come and one of our boy friends texted me he won't make it. The cafe was half empty anyway and it turned out there won't be a salsa night at all... But we didn't let that ruin our mood, so we ordered a fruit cake, iced Nescafe and a cherry topped milk shake (my order to be exact) and decided to make it a Ladies night with lots of talking, cocktails and discussing things till dawn. 
On Monday my friend, who didn't made it to the date came and gave us three gorgeous peonies from his own garden as an excuse he wasn't able to come. The horrible all-day rainy weather on Wednesday and Friday didn’t managed to ruin our mood, simply cos we decided to make a new “anti-rainy days” tradition and ordered pizza from the closest (new) bakery, gathered up in the library and ate hot delicious Margarita two days in a row till sunset, not caring about the weather outside…Tuesday was the official prom day in our school, in which we watch the graduates say “goodbye” and leave high school in order to go to university. It wasn't quite fun discussing their ridiculous outfits and choke from all the colored smoke bombs around them, plus it was pretty chilly and windy, so we all just prayed for things to end up quicker and return to our messed up school schedule on that day, until we came up with the bright idea to run back in school and “steal” all the food and drinks graduates left. The plan quickly got around everybody aand with general agreement the "mission" started! lol We quickly walked back in and separated - two were watching for the graduates by the door, as me and one of the boys in our company started walking into the rooms, stealing as much as food and drinks we could and running like crazy! :D Then we switched… We were such a view – grabbing food and running around, sneaking and passing it to each other from windows and doors… We knew that they buy way too much food that's always left behind and in the end the cheeky school staff grabs all of it and eats it quietly, so we said to ourselves "Why should they take it all? Why not us?! This year it'll be different!" and by convincing ourselves that we're not the biggest food thieves, we all stole tones of sweets and candy, alcohol-free drinks, two bottles of champagne and half a bottle of whiskey. After all of the turmoil was over, the whole gang sneaked into the library locked the door and celebrated with lots of food and drinks like real graduates. After we got in class the school staff managed to clean all the rooms and all of the leftover food was gone (ofc the teachers ate half of it)… Now we like to call ourselves The Food "Ocean's thirteen"! :D And if youth is for doing crazy things - then we're living it to the fullest…

PS – And what better way to finish the week than with Kimbra’s lovely music and the BEST Rios Gigant  ice cream with chocolate and coconut?! :)

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