От Flare Catcher до La foi en vous.

July 31, 2012

Image source // WeHeartIt

От далечния февруарски ден, в който създадох Flare catcher изминаха цели шест месеца... До днес. 31 Юли 2012 година. Краят на един месец и началото на един нов - стар блог. От днес Flare catcher - английският блог на една българка се преражда в La foi en vous - българският блог с френско заглавие. Ще попитате защо? Защото освен вътрешният ми глас, милион други неща ми подсказваха, че трябва да променя блога си. Не само заради оскъдния брой последователи, които получавам като английски блог и далеч по-големите възможности за реклама в българските блогосфери... Не само заради съветите на всички блогъри или администратори, които получих в последните месеци да превеждам блога на български... Не само заради лекотата на изразяване от майчиния език (макар че мисля, че английския ми е като втори роден език и също толкова лесно боравя с него, но все пак не е майчиния ми език)... Ами главно заради достъпността. Защото колкото и да не ми се вярва има хора, които не знаят и думичка английски, които не го чувстват като втори роден език като мен, които ще изгубят поне половин час да превеждат един мой пост чрез осакатения преводач на чичко Google, или ще го сметнат за твърде сложно и разточително и ще се откажат още на първото изречение...


July 20, 2012

So, yesterday, while I was searching around youtube pages looking for some Lana Del Rey songs, (yeah, it was one of my ‘Lana Del Rey moods’ again) I came upon a very interesting video, which caught my eye and became a main topic of a long night discussion with a friend. The video happened to be quite interesting to my conscience, mainly because of it’s title – “Lana Del Rey – the latest Illuminati puppet” and was about a bit longer then a minute, containing rumors about Lana being some kind of a slave, or only a small part in the big system of Illuminati, controlling the world, being told stuff about how in the near past she was just a girl, singing in local bars to make some money but after being trough a dramatic one night change, and a plastic surgery immediately after that became world known and billionaire famous. Also how she uses some Illuminati and even satanic symbols in her photo shoots and videos like a cross placed on her forehead on a photo, or hiding one eye with her hand for a second and/also for a second/ raising her hand with three fingers up in “Born to die” video, which apparently is some kind of a Satan worship and will either drive society to a mass murder or to excepting a new world order, influenced by her songs, videos and choreography. 

Tiny inspiration dose : The love list

July 18, 2012

 1. Art // This awsome piece by Chase Kunz totally caught my eye once I stumbled upon it, because you know I have a deep love for skulls and I loved the waves idea! What other thing can we possibly think of on a breezy summer day, than the sea /or the ocean/?

2. Music // A friend of mine introduced me to this song. It's "Youth" by Daughter, I find her voice and the lyrics really soft and deep, at the same time like the disturbing drums as well.


July 17, 2012

Now I realize it's been almost a month since I last blogged! Then I realize how much I actually miss blogging and don't know what exactly to blog about at the same time... It's just that I have too many ideas on how to make the blog a worthy one or what posts exactly to write and I end up being uncreative and mad it won't work...  At the same time I suck at design ideas, because I'm looking at a bunch of other great blogs and I happen to like simple designs a lot, tho sometimes I fall in love with the ornate, colorful ones and I can't figure out what will fit my blog best, but as you see I decided to go with the simple one and made the new blog design as simple as possible, counting on the lots of colorful photos to interleave it. From now on I'll try to use all of the other great blogs I read as an inspiration and give my best post ideas a shot, so I hope it'll all work!