Autumn Playlist

November 3, 2012

It's been a while, folks. I see you're increasing, which only flatters me, I hope you become more and more, cuz I'll keep you updated with cool new stuff soon. So, I'm hitting you with a new design and I'm starting with few songs from my Weeky (autumn) playlist, which I hope you'll enjoy! First song is It's all okay by the rising talent Julia Stone, which I found thanks to "Grey's Anatomy" and perfectly enjoyed. Second song is VCR by The XX, who are keeping it simple, soft and classy, which immedeately made me fall in love with this song, after I firstly loved Angels, also by the band. Another great song, with a bit of an edgy feeling, which's hearing I own completely to my friend Viki, is Radioactive by a band I'm planning on listening more to - Imagine Dragons. Maybe they'll be appearing more in my next playlists... Forth track, which I was surprised by aswell is the dancy Locked out of Heaven tune, by not-so-fancy Bruno Mars. Anyway, I love the tune, it reminds me of Bob Marley and Al Capone, but that's another story... :D Track number 5 is nothing new on the horizon - I discovered Lykke Li in 2010 and this is one of her favorite tunes, can't help but looove the electro sound in it (I'm a sucker for electro, you know)! My Number 1 of all-time favorites this week, 'topping' my personal charts is Depeche Mode's great comeback, the track is called Angel of Love and it's as good as old. (understand it as you want) Lyrics are just golden, so take a listen at them. Aaaand I'm ending up this week's playlist with two lovely ginger ladies - one of which is the Bulgarian famous Ruth Koleva and her song Zashto, which of course is in Bulgarian, but her voice is worth the listening, even if you don't understand the lyrics. (By the way if I'm lucky enough I'll visit her gig in town by the end of November) The other lady is Lucia - a rising star, popping out of fairly unpopular Romania, but with a fair chance to achieve a big musical success with her melting tune Silence...

So, take a listen and tell me: what are you listening to this season?

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