6570 moons

February 4, 2012

Ever heard of a library team? Yeah, I know it sounds strange. But imagine something like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, spending their whole day in a school library, instead of the “Central Park” café. 8 (completely different) people. Five girls, three boys. Sharing every single minute together, for three years now. Listening to music, talking, fighting, laughing, arguing, dating, splitting, smiling, reading, writing, helping each other, sharing, eating, singing, solving problems, missing, crying, dancing, drinking tea, loving, dreaming… All together. I came to a high school I hated 3 years ago and never thought for a moment that I’ll meet these people and they will become such a big part of my life. We had some of our best moments, memories and adventures (and continue to have them), in this library, that we can call a home… And the greatest stories to tell.