4. Meet up with friends and spend some great time

May 9, 2012

That was something I did on time! Yeah, just because it involved lots of food, fun with friends and all those great stuff... During the second half of the vacation our "gang" got together at the librarian's house for a party. And not any party, but a PANCAKE one, with (of course) pancakes and fillings like jam, cheese, chocolate, banana, also had (nasty) Turkish coffee and pastries... We ate lots of food as you see, took a little trip to the past with some old photo albums, watched stupid Spanish series, had fun, did a bit of cosplay with all kinds of hats and clothes, made photos with the Al Bundy pose, talked about religion, tried fortune-telling on coffee (too bad I filled half of my cup with sugar and when I drank it, it was nothing else left but tones of wet sugar lol) danced with lots of bananas and other fruits and did all kinds of crazy stupid things that we usually do... Cuz we've got the moves like Jagger! (yeah, our librarian has a no-secret passion for The Rolling Stones, just look at her kitchen cabinet)