Salvador and Gala Dali - A bizarre love story

June 13, 2012

Salvador Dali and Gala are one of the most impressive, lavish, bizarre and most special tandem among lovers of all time. They are not only dedicated to their love as poets and kings of antiquity, but emotionally generous, self-willed and dedicated to eachother.
Elena Ivanovna Dyakonova, called from Dali Gala, was born in Russia in August 1984. In 1915 she married the French poet Paul Eluard and entered the post-war social life, becoming one of the muses of the French capital.
1929 is memorable for her, because then she meets the 1904 born Salvador Dali in the Spanish Pyrenees. He was captured by the challenging Russian woman and when he finally dares to explain his love, she says: "Don't you realize that we'll never be apart again?"