Anything could happen.

September 16, 2012

Here comes another new beginning in my life. Actually, the beginning of too many new things. First thing first, as you may see, I decided to write my blog in English again, for now at least. Yeah, that's me and I don't really know what I want sometimes xD Don't ask me why I feel English like my mother tongue and I find it much more easier to write in it and express myself, I don't know exactly either! But it's a fact. Second of all, I dyed my hair. Finally! Well, it's a different story that the color didn't exactly turned out as I wanted it to and from expecting my hair color to be "Double espresso" as the box said, now I look like a member of The Addams Family. lol (it's actually a bit sad) I can't say I'm fully satisfied with it, but it's a change... And I love changes :)