Anything could happen.

September 16, 2012

Here comes another new beginning in my life. Actually, the beginning of too many new things. First thing first, as you may see, I decided to write my blog in English again, for now at least. Yeah, that's me and I don't really know what I want sometimes xD Don't ask me why I feel English like my mother tongue and I find it much more easier to write in it and express myself, I don't know exactly either! But it's a fact. Second of all, I dyed my hair. Finally! Well, it's a different story that the color didn't exactly turned out as I wanted it to and from expecting my hair color to be "Double espresso" as the box said, now I look like a member of The Addams Family. lol (it's actually a bit sad) I can't say I'm fully satisfied with it, but it's a change... And I love changes :) Oh, and here comes another thing - I'm turning 18 in just 2 months! You know, 18 is the big stuff. I'll be legally able to drink, have sex and buy fireworks, yaaay. lol Yet I'm not really sure how it feels. One more thing I'm recently more and more convinced I may do in the future is writing a book. Starting a novel based on true events is a thing I've been lately planning on and I'm thinking it'll be quite interesting to read, so I'm just hoping on a little more inspiration to really start it and a little more faith in myself to finish it. Time will tell best. Last, but not least, today is the very last "free" day, the very last vacation day and the very very last day before school. It feels like this was my last summer. Yeah, school starts tomorrow for me. And it ends as it starts, 'cuz it's my last year of school and then I'm graduating. I've been waiting for this moment my whole life so far. And now I don't really know should I be happy about it, or rather freaking frightened of whats coming next. You know, it's a big step - lessons, exams, university, new places, new people... It's even more complicated for me. Still I've got a whole school year before that. Considering the hard new school subjects, the twice as more exams I'm having by the end of the year, the all-time argues with my stupid classmates and all of the nasty things which happened this summer with people I considered my friends (well, guess what I was wrong), I'm rather frightened. But who knows... Anything could happen.