DIY Inspiration : Wanderlust calendar

November 4, 2012

So, as we all know, 2013 is waiting by the corner and if we're lucky enough (meaning we don't get hit by a meteorite or be eaten by dinosaurs by December) we'll soon welcome the new year! And as every new year's ritual befits we all will need what? ...That's right, kids - a new calendar! And here's where my DIY inspiration comes. While I was wandering the internet, I couln't help but notice this lovely Wanderlust calendar I came upon. And since buying it is not an option, I decided I should make one myself. The calendar contains 12 cities in different parts of the world (Jan - Paris / Feb - London / Mar - New York / Apr - Prague / May - Amsterdam / Jun - Barcelona / Jul - Nice, France / Aug - Warsaw / Sep - Cinque Terre, Italy / Oct - San Francisco / Nov - Berlin / Dec - Venice, Italy) and I'm planning on finding beautiful photos of the same cities over the internet and getting my Photoshop skills into action very soon, so if I'm not-lazy enough, I'll have my very own, self-made Wanderlust calendar hanging in my wardrobe by the end of the year! (in case, we don't get attacked by dinosaurs, you know) Wish me luck guys, I'll keep you updated on the project ;)