Woody Allen Weekend

November 7, 2012

 As the weekend is barely waiting by the corner, I'm preparing you for a movie weekend with some lovely movies I've watched this week(or year)... So, prepare yourself for a LEGEN-wait for it-DARY, yeah legendary weekend with some Woody Allen movies. I don't know how you feel about Woody, you may be one of the million people out there thinking he's a producing genius, or dislike him as the odd bastard he is but whatever you think, kids, I'm telling you those (great) movies are worth watching...

"Scoop" (2006)

In the funeral of the famous British journalist Joe Strombel, his colleagues and friends recall how obstinate he was while seeking for a scoop. Meanwhile the deceased Joe discloses the identity of the tarot card serial killer of London. He cheats the Reaper and appears to the American student of journalism Sondra Pransky, who is on the stage in the middle of a magic show of the magician Sidney Waterman in London, and tells her that the murderer is the aristocrat Peter Lyman. Sondra drags Sid in her investigation, seeking for evidences that Peter is the killer. However, she falls in love with him and questions if Joe Strombel is right in his scoop. 

"Midnight in Paris" (2011)

Gil and Inez travel to Paris as a tag-along vacation on her parents' business trip. Gil is a successful Hollywood writer but is struggling on his first novel. He falls in love with the city and thinks they should move there after they get married, but Inez does not share his romantic notions of the city or the idea that the 1920s was the golden age. When Inez goes off dancing with her friends, Gil takes a walk at midnight and discovers what could be the ultimate source of inspiration for writing. Gil's daily walks at midnight in Paris could take him closer to the heart of the city but further from the woman he's about to marry.

"Whatever Works" (2009)*

Attempting to impress his ideologies on religion, relationships, and the randomness (and worthlessness) of existence, lifelong New York resident Boris Yellnikoff rants to anyone who will listen, including the audience. But when he begrudgingly allows naive Mississippi runaway Melodie St. Ann Celestine to live in his apartment, his reclusive rages give way to an unlikely friendship and Boris begins to mold the impressionable young girl's worldly views to match his own. When it comes to love, "whatever works" is his motto, but his already perplexed life complicates itself further when Melodie's parents eventually track her down. 

* "Whatever Works" is the last movie I've watched this week. It's a really simple and perspicuous film, with the right dose of sarcasm and a great storyline... Strongly recommended! ;)