"It's my birthday, I'll get high if I want to..."

November 16, 2012

Chapter I

So today I got 18. Finally. 18 is a synonym for "freedom". And it feels... strange. The strangest part so far is that it does feel different when you hit "The Big Age". The maturity. I don't know if staying late in the local bar, drinking Martini and planning on making a tattoo across the street is mature. I don't know if I'll get more mature in the future. But I'm surely keeping the child in me forever young. The wild girl, shaving her head and smoking a cigarette. I don't want to be mature. Who wants to? To be wild and a bit wise. Just enough. I want to be somewhere in between the fine line and the danger. 
But I'm really jumping on the life "roller coaster" now. It's about time. I have plans for the future, that I'm gonna be wise about. And if it doesn't works out... I'll be wild. I'm 18 now... It's allowed.