My Easter weekend

April 17, 2012

It's been the last day of Spring vacation and sadly enough we're all back to school/work today *agonizing in the corner* Anyway, I must say my vacation was nice, despite being short! I managed to complete almost everything from my Spring vacation To Do List, as funny as it sounds, I didn't had time for everything on the list... But it's never too late for me to do the missed ones, right? Right? Now I'll be making few posts, connected with things from the list that I've done, full of photos and stories and I hope they'll be interesting enough to catch your attention. But more on that - in my next posts! It was Easter in here on Saturday and after partying with friends on Friday, me & family went to our village together to spend it there. Sadly enough, it was severely raining and there was a hail for just two days, until we came back home on Monday and the sun decided to finally show *face palm* I haven't done much besides reading, watching House MD and rolling on the floor, but still I managed to take some nice Easter photos of the whole atmosphere around me. In few words : ladybirds; the EGG with my name on it; the other eggs we dyed; the Easter lunch aaand stages of making a traditional delicious Bulgarian Easter cake with sugar, nuts, lemon and filling, named cousnak. 

 You want some, right? Too bad it's only for me.

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