Keep calm and... IT'S MY 18TH BIRTHDAY!

November 18, 2012

Chapter II

I don't know how birthdays usually go... But mine always go humbly.
With early morning gifts & greeting phone calls. With early morning kisses and hugs. With lots of bags in my hands. With going to school. With being yelled by the teacher for being late. With her realizing that I have a birthday. With the laughter. With the library. With lots of music. (With Hurts and Depeche Mode, of course) With lots of beautiful flowers and bouquets. With heart-melting presents. With red lipstick. With paraffin "Happy birthday" signs. With half an hour walks, looking for a birthday candle. With a ridiculous, large candle that never light up. With home made Tiramisù. With eating like crazy & finger licking. With long conversations. With lots of crappy photos. With a “30 second dance party”. With more greeting calls. And more hugs. With (unreasonable) unrest, horror and long heartbeats. With concert tickets and permissions. With celebration. With late night Martini at the local bar. With smiles. With more bouquets and presents, kisses and wishes. And never-ending perfect nights. 


  1. Sounds like the perfect birthday to me :)

    1. It was! Just wait until you see what my special present was... :P