Tea degustation & other stories

February 12, 2012

"Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage." - Catherine Douzel 

Yesterday me and my friend went to our first tea-degustation and came back home, charmed enough to plan the next tea event we'll be going to. It was more than euphoria of the senses, for such a tea lover as me... The cafe was crowded the moment we got there and after few minutes of orders, noise and wiggle we were submerged in silence, in order to listen to the great world history of tea. After some interesting tea-facts we were offered 8 different types of tea (there was one we didn't managed to try with coconut and pineapple)... I'm posting photos of the great two-hour event, held by the owners of a successful tea business, connection between Germany and Bulgaria - a husband(he was the one from Germany) and wife, sharing an unique interest and teaching other people about it.
For those two hours we were immersed in the refined tea world of the English queen, touched all kinds of different cultures and were brought to the most peaceful and plesent atmosphere of flavors, colors and odors...

This was the view of the tea presentation from our places
This was the table with the boiled tea, cookies, sugar and the packed tea for sale
White tea
~ The first tea we drank was the white one. Not only it smelled like spring and sweet corn, but it was the best tea I've treid in my life so far(and they're many). I strongly recommend it! ~