En route to Tsarev brod... (The bus adventure)

March 27, 2012

What a drama!
Last week was a madness and my Friday went all wrong, bringing me to a total mental break down. Most of my friends decided to devote themselves to village tourism for the weekend, and since I wanted to do it long ago, I decided to follow their example. I needed to get away from town and relax as fast as I could. This is how my little village trip started...
Funnily enough, (I had to go by a bus) this was my first long distance trip by a bus to somewhere! Not knowing when exactly it will arrive (there's no a bus schedule for places out of town), I went on the bus stop an hour earlier and had to wait there upright and look at every single bus to see if it's mine. After almost an hour *fail* it finally came and I managed to take it! I'm great when it comes to buses, because I've traveled with them like... 3 times in my whole life, always to places in my town, plus I don't weight much and I'm a tiny person, which means that every time I get on a bus and it starts moving I immediately begin wobbling around, pushing people and trying to keep myself from falling to the ground. So I got on it and bought tickets, tenacious at the closest lever and even managed to find a seat, which was on the inside side, by the window and there was a woman sitting next to it, so I had to go straight to the window, but instead I didn't even realized and took her seat, leaving the space next to me empty. She was like "Yeah, still can I take my seat back?" than I realized that I'm all alone on the both seats and moved away *epic fail, I know* haha
After 20 minutes of totter and almost mistaking the bus stop, I finally managed to get off of the diabolical machine and feel ground underneath my feet again! I headed to my house from the small center...

My countryside is called Tzarev Brod and it’s in North-east Bulgaria. It’s famous for a monastery with a church, inhabited by nuns of the Order of St. Benedict and a madhouse, which I often inhabit :D Apart from that, it’s just a small place with old houses and livestock, like every other village… I don’t know how villages look in your country, but in here they are preferred mainly by old people, who saw enough of life and now only want peace and silence. Villages are always tiny and kind of boring, with a small amount of mainly aged people, who go around their cows. One of the strangest thing about ours, is that when a person sees you, he always says “Hello” no matter if he meets you for the first time or not, which makes you feel strange but nice… :) At day time you can walk around the huge garden (if you have one), full of different flowers and play with yours or your neighbor’s animals… And at night, when you have a dinner outside it’s so quite, you can hear only your own thoughts and the birds above you.
So on the other side, this is often better than living in a noisy and big city. You can always come to your village, and count on your grandma to cook you beans or ride a bicycle with your grandpa while listening to him talking about history…
Sometimes you need this, even if you’re not old. To go to a place where you know almost no one, to watch the sunset in a wooden cradle, to read a good book, to run free in endless green fields… To ease your mind. And stop thinking about your problems, even stop thinking about anything for a minute, among silence and peaceful atmosphere.

(Some photos I've made from my last year's stay in Tsarev brod)

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  1. The bunnies are so cute <3 Great pictures! And glad you got to relax :) Sounds like you had a nice trip!