Inspiring people 001 : Steven Frayne (Dynamo)

April 26, 2012

Three Sundays ago I didn't believed in miracles as much as I do now.
The reason? Seeing a person walking on water down a river on TV (and a spectacle to bring the whole family together for an hour on Sundays) was quite convincing. Nooo, I didn't saw God himself on Discovery Channel... I saw a man with a divine power and a heart of a human.
A person, who can put David Copperfield, Houdini and David Blaine all together in his pocket.
Further more I read his biography and the more information I got about him, the more he earned my admiration.
Struggling with a disease, father in prison, being bullied and living in one of England's most violent neighbourhoods, he managed to rise above all and become the most significant magician of 21st century.

First one of the 100 people, who inspire me is... Steven Frayne.