Inspiring people 001 : Steven Frayne (Dynamo)

April 26, 2012

Three Sundays ago I didn't believed in miracles as much as I do now.
The reason? Seeing a person walking on water down a river on TV (and a spectacle to bring the whole family together for an hour on Sundays) was quite convincing. Nooo, I didn't saw God himself on Discovery Channel... I saw a man with a divine power and a heart of a human.
A person, who can put David Copperfield, Houdini and David Blaine all together in his pocket.
Further more I read his biography and the more information I got about him, the more he earned my admiration.
Struggling with a disease, father in prison, being bullied and living in one of England's most violent neighbourhoods, he managed to rise above all and become the most significant magician of 21st century.

First one of the 100 people, who inspire me is... Steven Frayne.

Frayne (28) was born in Bradford, England. He grew up on West Bowling, Wyke Manor and Bradford’s notorious Delph Hill Estate, one of the most violent and run down estates in the North of England. He was raised by his struggling single mother, and his father was in jail most of the time.
“I haven’t seen him since I was 18. I saw things happen around drugs and it affected my whole family. I grew up without a father because of it.”
Soon after he moved to his grandparents. His Grandfather Ken at that time was more of his father figure; he was a pool hustler, and used to show young Steven all the scams and tricks of the trade. It was his grandfather influence of magic that opened Steven’s eyes to something he could be good at, and possibly create a way out of his violent neighborhood.
“He inspired me & gave me so much strength.”; “For me, the biggest superstar in the world is always going to be my Grandpa.”
When he first started experimenting with card tricks, he discovered his effects were getting lukewarm feed back. He felt something was lacking; it was then he decided to incorporate dance and hip hop music elements into his routines.
While being a teenager, he discovered he has Crohn's disease and after spending six months in hospital and cheating death, he decided he should leave something to be remembered with to the world. 
“I nearly died and was in hospital for six months. I was there thinking, ‘I’m at college but it’s not what I want to do — it’s just my mum pushing me. I fell out with her, but she came round to my way of thinking.”
So along with his friend, he bought a camera and started filming his tricks. As word spread about the 19 year old wizard with unbelievable skills, the more bookings started to roll in. Local performances turned into national bookings and eventually found him performing across the globe from America to Asia. He soon found himself performing on the celebrity circuit for stars like Coldplay, Paris Hilton, and Prince Charles. In fact it was thanks to the royal that he got his big break — a £2,000 bursary from the Prince’s Trust to start his career.
“I wouldn’t change my upbringing for the world. Without it I wouldn’t be who I am. Magic is my life.”
At the New York Hilton, Steven had the opportunity to perform in front of his peers including acclaimed magicians Aaron Fisher and David Blaine. After an amazing performance someone in the audience declared “This kid’s a f***ing DYNAMO!”. That's how the name stuck and the legend was born.
“There are a lot of people who always tell you that it’s not a career and you need to do a proper job. But all the time I was just thinking that I had to keep pushing myself, and then I realised that I’m a magician – doing the impossible is my job."
He has since appeared on numerous TV shows, where he performed for celebrities and also endorsed lot's of mega companies and famous brands. In his free time, he also does a lot of charity like helping organizations for people with his disease and raising money with magic tricks.
He released a DVD called "Underground Magic". The DVD created a buzz in the UK which led to many TV talk shows and his own documentary special. His latest TV project, (including street magic and tricks on celebrities) called "Dynamo: Magician Impossible" is shown on Discovery channel since 2011. 
Currently he is traveling the globe performing his specific blend of magic, amazing and astonishing thousands...

“We live in such a fast-paced world that you forget the little bits of magic that happen. I’d like to remind people of them.” - Dynamo 

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