July 20, 2012

So, yesterday, while I was searching around youtube pages looking for some Lana Del Rey songs, (yeah, it was one of my ‘Lana Del Rey moods’ again) I came upon a very interesting video, which caught my eye and became a main topic of a long night discussion with a friend. The video happened to be quite interesting to my conscience, mainly because of it’s title – “Lana Del Rey – the latest Illuminati puppet” and was about a bit longer then a minute, containing rumors about Lana being some kind of a slave, or only a small part in the big system of Illuminati, controlling the world, being told stuff about how in the near past she was just a girl, singing in local bars to make some money but after being trough a dramatic one night change, and a plastic surgery immediately after that became world known and billionaire famous. Also how she uses some Illuminati and even satanic symbols in her photo shoots and videos like a cross placed on her forehead on a photo, or hiding one eye with her hand for a second and/also for a second/ raising her hand with three fingers up in “Born to die” video, which apparently is some kind of a Satan worship and will either drive society to a mass murder or to excepting a new world order, influenced by her songs, videos and choreography.