July 20, 2012

So, yesterday, while I was searching around youtube pages looking for some Lana Del Rey songs, (yeah, it was one of my ‘Lana Del Rey moods’ again) I came upon a very interesting video, which caught my eye and became a main topic of a long night discussion with a friend. The video happened to be quite interesting to my conscience, mainly because of it’s title – “Lana Del Rey – the latest Illuminati puppet” and was about a bit longer then a minute, containing rumors about Lana being some kind of a slave, or only a small part in the big system of Illuminati, controlling the world, being told stuff about how in the near past she was just a girl, singing in local bars to make some money but after being trough a dramatic one night change, and a plastic surgery immediately after that became world known and billionaire famous. Also how she uses some Illuminati and even satanic symbols in her photo shoots and videos like a cross placed on her forehead on a photo, or hiding one eye with her hand for a second and/also for a second/ raising her hand with three fingers up in “Born to die” video, which apparently is some kind of a Satan worship and will either drive society to a mass murder or to excepting a new world order, influenced by her songs, videos and choreography. 

I’ve asked my friend about the “Illuminati” and she actually told me she watched some documentary on the topic and knows some things about this secret society. The Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, "enlightened") is a name given to several groups, both real (historical) and fictitious. Historically the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776. In more modern contexts the name refers to a purported conspiratorial organization which is alleged to mastermind events and control world affairs through governments and corporations to establish a New World Order. – Wikipedia says. I was a bit shocked, I must admit. Blame me on it, I actually believe in the whole Illuminati society and that there are some secret organizations, who want to keep it safe and set new world order, that’s proven long ago and I believe it, tho I’m trying to keep it neutral I’m kinda more against the whole thing, cuz it sounds quite evil and unhealthy. Still, I find the whole Lana being an Illuminati puppet a bit ridiculous and untrue. And it’s not because I’m such a fan of her, yes, I like her and most of her songs /haven’t heard them all/ but I don’t think that she personally has proven of being a part of all this Illuminati thing by getting famous quickly based on her image or by hiding one eye with her hair or hand for a second on a video. It sound quite funny itself, however even if she was in such a thing I don’t think those things prove it anyhow. Most of the youtube comments below the video were negative and disbelieving and I even found an interesting comment, which was reading my thoughts exactly. It said “I laughed when I saw this. The Illuminati are a 'secret' organization. Secret organizations tend not to leave clues to get them noticed because otherwise, they would no longer be secret. This is all bullshit about Lana.” Pretty obvious, ha? If Illuminati’s the biggest and most influential secret society, capable of really everything then how will they leave all of those youtube videos and proofs behind, exposing themselves in front of the planet and risking it all by leaving people follow their steps? After all, if the Illuminati were powerful enough to rule the whole world, they will be also powerful to delete some “disturbing” internet videos like this one and not risk being exposed, right? I must say I have no idea what the whole thing about gaining a new world order has to do with faiths and beliefs in God and Satan and what’s the whole role of the satanic symbols in here, which honestly have nothing in common with the Illuminati symbols, but whatever lets leave them apart. It just seems that when society gets a trend topic bugging it’s mind, it gets to absolutely unknown directions and distractions of it… I’m personally not religious by any kind, and apart from that I really think it’s not Satanic symbols, witch crafting, worships and ancient stories we’re talking about when it comes to this secret society. Personally by now I can claim, Lana Del Rey haven’t influenced me bad by any kind or brainwashed me with her songs. She didn’t made me kill myself, or have sex on top of a car, or smoke weed, or dye my hair red, or put botox on my lips, or drink whiskey, or be a stripper, or dress like her, act like her, tame a tiger or even hit someone in the back of the head with a gun or whatever. I didn’t even bought her album/yeah I’m that poor to download music from the internet/! I really like most of her songs, her rhythm, her lyrics, her voice, find her videos interesting and even like her appearance, but that’s all. I do really think there’s something really magnetic about her that driven many people crazy over her and made thousands of people like her quickly and buy her music, but I guess it’s just a charm. It’s not a part of some satanic ritual over people or a plan for a new world order. I still know many people, who don’t like her at all, so it’s not like the whole planet loves her… I don’t really feel controlled by her in any way, I just like her like an artist. Aside from that, the whole Lana topic went way too far and led to a bigger Illuminati topic I found myself all caught in… It was all way too interesting to be left behind by me, so I even decided to blog about it and “introduce” you to the whole thing. 

I don’t want to claim any believing or whatever with this post, it’s just my personal opinion and information I’ve read. 

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