Life Lately

July 30, 2013

 It's been a freaking crazy 2013 and I can safely say it's the wildest and most life-changing and adventurous year I've had so far in my life and it's just the beginning, I suppose. It has it's ups and downs, of course, but I think so far I can count more 'ups' for sure. Apart from having high school issues, dealing with usual idiots, friend break-ups, parental alarms and excursions, where-should-I-live problems and whatsoever, I had my great moments like graduating, taking all of my exams (and certificate of professional qualification as an economist, hell yeah), prom, admission to an University of economics, going to my first concert, getting my first laptop, meeting a foreign friend, realizing I've found my soulmate/long ago/, going to the seaside together, visiting mountains and island beaches, having family vacations, experiencing lots of road trips, buying a new apartment, renovations, moving, meeting new people, finding friends and having amazing nights out... Well, it's just pretty much everything, guys.