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July 30, 2013

 It's been a freaking crazy 2013 and I can safely say it's the wildest and most life-changing and adventurous year I've had so far in my life and it's just the beginning, I suppose. It has it's ups and downs, of course, but I think so far I can count more 'ups' for sure. Apart from having high school issues, dealing with usual idiots, friend break-ups, parental alarms and excursions, where-should-I-live problems and whatsoever, I had my great moments like graduating, taking all of my exams (and certificate of professional qualification as an economist, hell yeah), prom, admission to an University of economics, going to my first concert, getting my first laptop, meeting a foreign friend, realizing I've found my soulmate/long ago/, going to the seaside together, visiting mountains and island beaches, having family vacations, experiencing lots of road trips, buying a new apartment, renovations, moving, meeting new people, finding friends and having amazing nights out... Well, it's just pretty much everything, guys. 

And I don't even know where to start from but I'm trying my best to take /even if crappy/ photos of everything, everyone & everywhere and document it forever. I really have a lot to tell and those days I've actually been wondering why would you exactly care about things happening in my life and experiences, which I've had and would you find them any interesting at all... But in the end I thought about all of the bloggers, vloggers and ordinary people out there - people like me, who I find charming and I caught myself really interested in their lives, even if it has nothing to do with me... I guess it's just the internet magic, but it's a fact that on a Monday evening I can't wait to see Jenn's (clothesencounters on youtube) new outfit, hear about Dan's (danisnotonfire on youtube) latest public transport story or read the long tale behind Julee's (aprettypass on blogspot) festival trip, for example... It's just something in other people's lives that makes them interesting to the ear/eye, even if kind of ordinary... But lets face it - no adventure is ordinary, even if it's in the public transport. Maybe it's the fact that it made this someone experiencing something on their own, that he or she made a big step/change in their life and felt somehow about it - and exactly those feelings and emotions behind it makes it so exciting to me and you. So... That's basically what encouraged me to create this blog and write my little own adventures in it, and hope I'll find adventurous people somewhat interested in reading about them. So thank you, if you're reading that. It may get even more picturesque, I bet!

P.S. - I'll tell you more in my next posts, stay tuned...

* Some photos in the collage by kiwifruitstories

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