Take me away, tall blond stranger.

February 15, 2012

Dreaming of the stranger, who brings me to the warmest fields in the coldest winter and holds me with his wide arms. 6 feet tall, dark blond hair, shaved both sides, brown eyed baby. Soft lips and a cigarette between his fingers. He's driving a 1957's Chevy in Navy blue. And our song is on the radio. Like it was created for two strangers... I only know his name and that's all I need to know. But do names matter? I will never know enough about him... Isn't that the spark that we all need to keep our fire burning forever? "I'm coming" - a long kiss on his whiskey mouth. But he's a good boy. He brings the world in my feet, anytime I want it.
I don't like blond guys, but I like him. I hate smoking, but I smoke his cigarettes. Quarrels are not in my taste, but I can quarrel with him all day.
Blew the smoke of his cigarette trough the window. And than we go, nowhere and forward...

"I was a heavy heart to carry,
my feet dragged across gound
and he took me to the river,
where he slowly let me drown"

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  1. So THIS is where you're hiding. Awkward. I've bee wondering why you stopped updating your old blog and kept visiting it to see if you'd come back. Didn't occur to me to check your twitter until now :P