My Shoe Wishlist

April 9, 2012

Happy Easter to everybody who've been celebrating! In here we actually celebrate Easter later than the other half of the world, so I'll be painting eggs later on this week... It's not much of a spring in here considering the awful storm yesterday and the chilly weather today, but this won't stop me from some shoe shopping(because NOTHING can stop me from shopping actually). I know I haven't been blogging for a while, I'm actually in a spring vacation since this Saturday, but due to some camera problems I still haven't managed to post up my lovely spring photos with blossoming trees and green gardens... I'll do my best to blog a bit more this week! I've changed the blog's design a bit and I think it works with me... I'll be changing it more this week, I have some more ideas.
Since everybody are doing some clothes/shoes/accessories wishlist, I decided to follow so here are some of the babies I would loooove to have this spring! Actually they're Deichmann's models and aren't expencive at all, because they make quite affordable shoes, but since I'm in a little financial crisis, I'll have to wait a bit more for all of those and get a job this summer... Can't wait!

Going on some shoe shopping (for at least one pair) now, wish me luck :)

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