Productive week

May 7, 2012

This is a new mini month project, that I decided to blog about! *feels excited* And due to lack of other, better name, I'll just call it "Productive weeks project". Mainly, I'll try doing one or more than one creative / good / funny / beneficial things each week to make me feel better somehow. 

What it'll be about? 
It'll be about me doing productive, new things I've never tried before. 

How long will it last?
A month. From the begining till the end of May.

First week to start with was last week (01.05 - 06.05)

Last Friday a friend of mine bursted into the school library and told me she was going to the gym for the first time. After a short conversation, I mentioned I also wanted to start going to the gym last year, but it was cancelled due to the fact that I had no friend to go with (cuz my friends are lazy like that) and it's too weird (even for me) to go all alone, so I dropped it. Funnily enough she told me she was in the same situation, but finally decided not to give care and signed to the closest fitness. Until I realized it, she was pulling me out, begging me to go to her first training together. We had just finished the school day and I was with my formal clothes, so at first I was like "Are you kidding me? What am I gonna do there with you, look at my clothes?!" but she insisted so much, that it didn't took long until I was out the door... I got back home to change, then met her and headed to the place. I was so damn excited, going to the gym for the first time, it was actually pretty funny. The gym turned out to be quite close to school. First thing we saw when we walked in was our trainer - middle aged woman with fake tan, long, dyed black hair, lots of make up, funny Lana Del Rey lips and thin waist, somking a cigarette infront of the building. (the gym is a part of a hotel) It was a quite skeptical view at first :D 
We walked in the small room, with little fitness equipment, two changing rooms and a bathroom plus toilet, bought cards and started training immedeately under our trainer's instructions.(she was quite tough on us) One by one, we trained on almost every single equipment at the room like fitness bike, cross trainer, disk, dumbbells, treadmill, combined appliances, fitness lever and so on. For two hours we managed to do (our first) whole body workout and burn about 800 calories! We left the gym in pain, but happy... I'm not much of a sport person, so it was a big deal for me and I quite enjoyed it. So that's how me and my friend decided to begin our "new" healthier life... And start going to the gym together twice a week from now on.

Not that I'm fat or overweight or whatever, but I think fitness is good for everyone, because it'll not only clamp your body, but it's also good to keep your tonus, burn your calories and train each group of muscles in your body, in order to look good and feel good... I can't wait to see the results on me. :)

Here's how our new gym looks like! 

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