Nothing planned is made to be good.

June 5, 2012

1. Me (left) & Milena (right) // 2. Our toast sandwiches with tomato, cheese and chicken // 3. Our fresh pineapple juice! // 4. My Deichmann trainers // 5. The sweet waffle "cigars" with white and dark chocolate // 6. Us again // 7. A close shoot of the sandwiches // 8. Strawberries! // 9, 10, 11, 12. Examples of what could be eaten with cream on // 13. Just in case you hadn't had enough of me and Miley

The Universe tried hard to prove me that no matter what I do, if it's meant to be, it'll happen. A while ago I came with this great idea (inspired by this lovely post from HEYLOOK) for the perfect picnic with friends. Than again last week was a total disaster and of course nothing went as planned... One of the boys just left, the other didn't understood anything about the whole idea at the end, some people didn't had money and other simply decided they're too busy and dumped us - I ended up with two people and not enough money, as if on purpose it started raining and I ended up miserable and mad. So the idea was totally dumped. Until this weekend. The gang happened to be together again on Saturday - for an assemblage with the library club, and after some team versification and poetry writing, we decided we should try the "picnic idea" again after all, gathered the people who were able to come, split up and allocated the shopping & cooking obligations... After two hours of mad food shopping and cooking secretly at my friend's grandparents house, shooting a self-made parody of culinary show, yelling and laughing like crazy, we caught up with all of it and ended up too late with the time we had, so the other people who were meant to come misunderstood the new meeting place and time we arranged, and after half an hour of going around town and looking for eachother, we didn't found them so prevented by circumstances, we decided to drop it and go by ourselves. At the end of it all, after a forgotten bottle of champagne and an exhausting hill-climbing we layed our orange blanket under a big tree, raised glasses and enjoyed lots of delicious food and bright sunshine.... "The Fate decided it should happen this way and it should be only the three of us..." my friend said. And she was right.
Although it wasn't just as planned and we weren't many people, it was just PERFECT. Because nothing planned is made to be good and all spontaneous things are better.

Cheers to the perfect picnics!