Cinderella, come back by nine!

March 24, 2012


A modern fairytale

What an exhausting day way Tuesday... She got up so early, it felt like a medieval torture. Then went to school and had to deal with statistics, economics, law..., which was just like separating little beans from a chimney ash, sorounded by an evil stepmother, (known as the literature teacher) and thousands of her mean step children (or classmates), who harassed the little Cinderella every single day...
She was so happy when she heard the last bell ringing and the good librarian fairy showed up. After two hours of them both wondering what should the princess wear for tonight, they finally came up with an idea and only few swings with the magical stick were needed for Cinderella to show up in a white shirt, black skinny jeans, a beautiful short grey jacket and long amber jewelery... She wore the most beautiful black suede shoes with a thin platform, which unfortunaly were so uncomfortable, that she was walking more like The Little Mermaid without a tale, than like herself.
When she came in the room, everybody looked at her. Not so much because she was so pretty and fashionable, than because she was half an hour late. After few staircases and dark hallways, they all finally walked in the great hall...
'Look, there's a piano!' Cinderella noticed and after moving the heavy wooden desks in front of it by herself, she put a chair next to the old RONISCH piano and started playing Beethoven's 5th simphony of Fate. The whole room got quite and her freinds hurried to run away as far as they could, knowing the little princess's incompetent musical skills. Soon after they all got bored and managed to detach Cinderella of the instrument, they found other amusement and sat together infront of a big cinema screen, projecting a movie. They were watching it for hours, while the princess was jumping around, making jokes and vocalizing car, helicopter and closing door sounds... The guests had fun with her, acting like a retainer jester, until she got tired and layed on the closest desk.
Soon the night came and whole hall became dark and creepy. It got so empty that Cinderella and her friends decided they should play the lowest tones on the piano and laugh like evil withches all together, just to lighten the atmosphere... Cinderella was so happy that her friends were laughing, at that moment she felt such pure joy that she's would've played Charlie Sheen's "Winning" song on the piano if she could.
'Oh, the piano night starts in 10 minutes!' she tought. 'Let's go!' they all left the hall and ran trough the nasty city streets, heading to the place they were supposed to be. Cinderella felt her poor feet bleeding with each step she took. Those shoes were killing her and there was no prince or horse to carry her... She swallowed her tears and climed up the last stairs, leading to their table.
Few minutes passed and the pianist walked into the room with his keybord. Cinderella was happy once she heard him playing. It was all worth. She forgot about her bruised feet and got lost in the wonderful melodies he played... The princess knew the pianist. They were all there to support him. Aplause. Each song was so beautiful... Cinderella smiled widely while eating her Mexican salad.
The clock hit eight and a half. 'Oh, Gosh look what time it is!' said the librarian fairy while supping her last drops of coffee. 'You have to be home by nine!' Cinderella got all sad.
The piano night wasn't over yet, but she knew that if she wasn't on time, her parents would've punished her some evil way like by forbiding the computer. She was late already, she didn't wanted to leave the place, captured by the pianist's melodies, but she had to. So she waved him goodbye and disappeared down the staircase.
Cinderella ran and ran as fast as she could, limping around because of her high heels. Altought she wanted to throw her both shoes away and leave them behind, not really for a prince to find them, but because they were torturing her legs, she continued running with them, until she finally came home.
It was nine.
The princess threw the shoes away, bandaged her bleeding feet and smiled happily. What a great night it was!


*Any resemblance to actual persons and events is entirely deliberate*

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