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May 15, 2012

Me & The birthday boy 

Not so long ago last month, a friend of mine came of age… So we brought half of the gang together and went to our favorite little pizza restaurant “Jeans club”. It was a great night of enjoying expensive red wine (2010 Merlot to be exact), delicious ice cream cheesecake with blackberry and 5 different types of pizza! (mine was called Bianca and I loved it, cuz it’s with cooking cream, lots of cheese, mushrooms, pickles and ham, so if you see a pizza with those ingredients but with a different name I defo recommend it! The others got some with eggs, pepper, tuna etc. I've tried all and I must say my advice is : even if you love fish, don't ever order a pizza with tuna, seriously!) I just decided to show you the lovely photos, capturing only half part of one of the greatest nights in our history, full of wine toasts, delicious food, "If I was in America"(a game we invented ourselves), spooky stories, drunk hearts, lots of laughter and great memories to tell about… Oh, and he got one year older! 

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  1. Well, to surprise you, I ADORE pizza with tuna, and I'll gladly eat it all the time! :D I don't of course, but I would if I could.
    Also glad you had a nice time!