It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

December 2, 2012

It's only 23 days 'till Christmas! And I don't wanna sound like Grinch, but let's face it - Christmas sucks. Well, it sucks for me at least. Let's say I'm not the biggest enthusiast for spending half of the Holiday season in a "Middle of nowhere" village with my family, arguing and grumbling over the Christmas table, talking 'bout job, politics and all kinds of boring to death stuff, eating dinner and going to bed super early... And I'm not the biggest enthusiast for doing this over & over again every single year. It's all the same - lousy presents, "Home alone" 1,2,3,4, Santa Claus coca-cola commercials and posters everywhere, food and crap tv.

And knowing Christmas as the good old "Family Holiday", there aren't any signs of changing all that any soon... (I hope your Holiday season is better) So let's just say I love the Christmas spirit, not the holiday itself. I love all of this time BEFORE Xmas. The preparations, the decorations all over town, all of the beautiful sparkling lights around the trees and the street lamps, making it look like a fairytale forest, the tons of Xmas chocolate and candy in the food stores, the home baked cookies, the dark beer, the warmth of fireplaces, the smell of cinnamon, oranges and smoking chimneys, the Xmas bazaars and people bustling around, the hot cocoa shared with friends somewhere cosy, the little snowflakes on your window, all of those stupidly cute deer tiaras and Santa hats we laugh at, the little Xmas workshops everywhere, the candy canes, the shopping, all of the lovely, old, thousands-times-repeated Christmas songs and last but not least - decorating the Christmas tree all by myself... So maybe that's why I've decorated mine today. 

And, ehm... Am I the only one who did this? 

PS - Now have an amazingly beautiful Christmas/New Year song with a kick-ass long title by one of my favorite bands... 

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