August 14, 2013

1. When I was in second grade I went to Egypt on a 8 day vacation trip with my grandparents. From Sofia airport we flew to the Athens and then landed in Cairo. During my trip I had the amazing opportunity to see everything - the Pyramids, magnificent temples, tombs, museums, we had lunch next to the Sphinx, we went to the largest museum(Museum of Cairo) and saw Tutankhamun's real mask, we saw mummies, learned the whole process of making a papyrus(and bought some with Nefertiti and The Tree of Life), we visited beautiful places like markets, works of architecture, buildings, restaurants, we went on a boat trip through Nile, I enjoied the clean and beautiful beaches of Red sea, made paintings with egyptian children, ate watermelon on the sea shore, met interesting people from all over the world, drowned in city lights of the living city, which illuminated palms, squares and fountains, I visited a lot of amazing shops for hand made jewelry, oils, souvenirs of Egyptian gods and symbols, amphorae and perfume shops with rich history, we watched the sunset at the desert, saw a mirage, went on a desert Safari, rode a camel, spent a night of crazy singing, dancing and eating around the fire with a bunch of Bedouins, tasted the amazingly delicious food they made and enjoied buffet breakfasts with different Egyptian dishes every day, I witnessed closely how a real Pita Bread was made(and even fed the camels with it), I managed to "touch" the amazing history, architecture and love of life the vibrant Cairo has and at the end it all remained in the photos and videos, left after this amazing adventure of my life... I would give everything to go back there right now - already grown up - and experience this all over again.(I may write more about my trip back then soon)

2. My zodiac sign is Scorpio. Sadly or not, I match all of my zodiac sign's features and moods like revenging, being stubborn, very emotional, passionate person, funny and with a good sense of humor, easily harmed, super curious, I'm a loyal friend, can keep secrets, sensitive, truepenny, I care too much for people(even if they don't care at all), get easily attached, but I'm also kind of a selfish person(not always and not fully), I tend to get jealous a lot, am suspicious towards people, love being sarcastic and ironic etc.

3. My best quality - I tend to consider as such - is that I am concerned and caring when it comes to people and I'm also compassionate a lot, often about little things, which just make me sad and want to help anyhow. (I mean ruth) I can easily cry and get sad because of sick people, orphans, abandoned people or animals, suffering animals, lonely people with no friends, bullied people, a movie or even something written in a children's book.

4. I love cooking! A lot! And I really want to learn more and more about it... Sometimes I even dream of a whole day spent in the kitchen. Most of my surroundings already know that because I usually love to share my food and tend to give most of it to the others, like friends and family. I also dream of someday having my own restaurant or a pastry shop, or both :) 

5. I own a medium make up collection, which I've collected over the years(tho I have to clean it again and throw some stuff out), if I had more money I would probably spend them on new and better products all the time, I'm interested in cosmetics, so as make up, I love watching video tutorials about it, I love using make up and experimenting with it and I wish I had more opportunities for that.

6. Photography is some sort of a hobby for me.(tho my only camera is old and broken piece of sh*t) I don't claim I'm some kind of a great photographer or a photographer at all. But I admire such talanted people's work and I get to know it with interest. I'm just a photo-taker, I love taking photos of everything because the idea of capturing something forever as a memory for generations fascinates me. I shoot even the tiniest details because for me everything is somehow important, some time ago I even used to realize some of my ideas and make photoshoots with people as "models".

7. I looove vintage! I like everything old - from pin-up style to old retro cars, clothes, worn furniture, retro kitchens and furnishing, hairdos, accessories, antiques and vintage collectibles such as old cameras, clocks, sewing machines etc. (I love hanging out in old antique shops)

8. I like decoupage. I got intrigued in this type of art thanks to the librarian(and my friend) from my former high school in 2012 and together we managed to create and fulfil a lot of interesting projects, involving decaupage such as glasses with angels, bowls with strawberries on them, chess tables, furniture, even transformed her old desk into a piece of art by decorating it with Gustav Klimt's most famous painting - "The Kiss", which still catches the library's visitors attention.(More about our projects - soon in the blog)

9. I'm interested in fashion(was more interested before than now tho), I usually easily recognize clothing brands, know the latest trends and sometimes try to follow them, but I always add a pinch of my own style. My favorite brand is H&M because it's original and still available, most of the clothes and shoes in my wardrobe are grey, although I want to wear brighter and colorful clothes(like black for example, haha). Like every other girl *guilty* I dream of a huge wardrobe, full of all kinds of shoes. I love shopping at second hand stores and I always do when I'm able to. If I had more financial capacity I would spend most of my money on clothes and accessories, but still mostly from second hand stores. 

10. I'm a collector at heart! Since I was a kid I collect anything you may think of - I got my first napkin in kindergarten and since then I have nearly 1000 of them from all over the world, in different shapes and sizes and even from years ago. I also collect little calendars, from which the oldest is since the 60's I think. As a kid I loved to collect toys from Kinder's eggs. To this day I love collecting souvenirs from all over the world and I have such from Greece, Turkey, different Bulgarian cities, Dubai, Egypt, Russia, Canada etc. and probably China, since most of them are made there... :D

*A bonus fact

11. I'm a total music lover to the bone as my friends know. I listen to A LOT of music and know stuff about lots of bands and artists, ususally all of my surroundings like my music taste and often "steal" my fave songs, I also listen to old bands and love old music, buying biography books about musicians and my biggest dream was always to spend all of my money on gigs and travel to see my favorite singers live. But I never did went to an actual concert to this year when my loved one made my biggest dream come true and took me to a Depeche Mode concert in our capital city, which was a part of their tour "Delta Machine Tour". I was beyond happy!


  1. Number 6 - definitely! I have kind of the same opinion of that topic. Also I like to put all my new photos on the wall. Furthermore, I am thinking of buying colorful lights. ^^

    1. Yes, yes, yesss! Sounds amazing, It's on my "To do" list as well :)