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August 28, 2013

Here comes an amateur outfit post. The day after prom was a beautiful spring day spent with someone special, who just had no choice when it came to taking some photos of me next to this huge amazing rose bush I found it was a lovely (bit rainy) spring day in town, I had to be more casual and comfy, so I decided to go for my fave A-symmetrical black & white butterfly top which I bought because it reminded me of Lana Del Rey honestly, dark pink ballerina flats and some high waisted ripped up shorts I recently turned into this by DIY-ing them. They were actually a worn out pair of long high waisted jeans but I've cropped them, tousled with my tweezers and bleached them a bit and voilà! I just love the photos, so...

Top by H&M Devided
Shoes by H&M
Shorts by Vero Moda plus DIY
Sunglassess - Sundance by DM 


  1. I'm really surprised from your blog. Good one by the way, I mean the post. :)

    1. Why surprised? I hope it's in a good way :3