Tiny inspiration dose : The love list

July 18, 2012

 1. Art // This awsome piece by Chase Kunz totally caught my eye once I stumbled upon it, because you know I have a deep love for skulls and I loved the waves idea! What other thing can we possibly think of on a breezy summer day, than the sea /or the ocean/?

2. Music // A friend of mine introduced me to this song. It's "Youth" by Daughter, I find her voice and the lyrics really soft and deep, at the same time like the disturbing drums as well.

 3. Interior // This Morrocan style bedroom by Maine design (I recently found on Pinterest) with custom printed Brunschwig Bombay wallpaper immediately got me with it’s prints and colors, Indian style! Don’t you love the lamp above the bed?

 4. Food // Now this Moist Chocolate Cake looks just YUM! I'm seriously considering on baking my first cake and tought about trying Earl Gray tea cake, coz it's pretty easy and it seems delicious, but now I saw this one and it may get on my cooking list as well... Check out the recipe

 5. Style // It's clear that floral motives were the top trend this year, but once they're mixed with a lot of colors and look like splashed paint as well, they really got it! Just like this pretty /unknown brand/ skirt I found on Pinterest again.

6. Photography // As a lover of black & white photography I couldn't help it but be impressed by this old Vintage Vogue photo from an unknown photographer... (also found on Pinterest) Look at the pup! 

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